Monday, 16 June 2014

Animal - World Smallest Dog

World's smallest dog candidate appears on 'Good Morning America'Dancer, the tiny Lake County chihuahua.The 4-inch tall pooch, a candidate for honors as the world's smallest dog, appeared with Gibson, a Great Dane billed as the world's largest dog.Jenny Gomes of Okahumpka, Dancer's owner, said the long-haired chihuahua frightened the bigger dog when they first met.Gibson is reported to be more than 7 feet tall when on its hind feet. The dog weighs 170 pounds, compared to Dancer, who hit the scales at 18 ounces last week when his story was told by the Orlando Sentinel.Dancer, about an inch shorter than the previous record holder for smallest dog in terms of height, will be officially measured for Guinness World Records next month on his first birthday.

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