Sunday, 22 June 2014

Kate Upton Hot Photoshoot

10 Hottest Kate Upton Photoshoot Locations


This south eastern European country has more to offer than meets the eye. Along its Black Sea Coast are some of its most popular seaside resorts; Sunny Beach and Golden Sands. Bulgaria is rich in history, religious art, and the lowlands of the Danube.

Czech Republic

Most popular for its flora and fauna! The Czech Republic has an overabundance of historical castles and churches all packed in cozy little area! This culturally rich land is a perfect haven for the outdoors type.


The land of love! Who wouldn’t shoot sexy swimwear photos here? With its cute caf├ęs, nightlife, Versailles (castle of French kings), beaches and ancient Roman ruins, you’ll get a sample of everything fun and adventurous all in one place.


Greece is a country of mythical legends, the original Olympics and has the lowest divorce rate in the world. This country has over 2,000 islands, boasts over 250 days of sunshine and is founder of the saying ‘grab the bull by the horns’.


Home of the leaning Tower of Pisa and great coliseum, this boot shaped country boasts romantic medieval towns, historical attractions and is the birthplace of famous Italian artists.


The custom to eat and drink once a week as a social event with co-workers is called “hoesik”. This high-tech, industrial country is inhabited by people who know how to enjoy down time at their ‘toilet themed’ amusement park!


The birthplace of chocolate, corn, chili and home of the rare volcano rabbit that only lives near volcanos. This country’s beaches, nightlife, festivals and historic attractions will keep you coming back.


This place has the real Dracula’s Castle – which goes with the ‘cave of bones’. The beauty of the country is the Transfagarasan Highway the world’s favorite race highway. Rich in culture, geographical beauty and history, it is no wonder Miss Upton made a stop!

Apalachicola, Florida

We are sure Kate looked awesome during her Floridian photo shoot. Being surrounded by beautiful wildlife, natural foliage and miles of river to canoe and fish on it’s no wonder she was sold!

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Most famous for its beaches, this city contains most of the urban population of the continent. Riding on the Sydney Ferries is a pastime enjoyed by native and tourist alike since 1875.

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