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Fashion - 10 Hairstyle Tips for Bollywood Brides

Every bride dreams of looking her best on her wedding day. Weeks before the wedding, she spends a lot of money and time just trying to perfect her look. Wedding dresses are usually made to order and all accessories are handpicked to match. The bride has to look like she never did before, and most brides would go to any lengths to ensure that they look absolutely stunning.

However, very often in all the planning, one simple thing manages to ruin the whole look. Hairstyle is one such thing that, even though just one part of the look, has the potential to either make you look like a diva or totally spoil it for you. Choosing the right hairstyle that would suit you and your outfit perfectly is very important. The biggest mistake you can make is not coordinating your outfit, makeup and hairstyle, and leaving it all for the beautician to decide.

So, how do you get the best possible hairstyle for your wedding and the many functions that precede and follow the big day? Here is how:

1. Discuss with a professional

To begin with, talk to a hair stylist as soon as the date for your wedding has been finalised. This consultation is important so that the stylist can check your hair for any damage that needs to be taken care of and initiate any treatments it might need. This way, your hair will be perfect and healthy, ready for any hairstyle you might want for your wedding day.

2. Decide the whole look

Discuss with your stylist what hairstyles might suit you and make you look your best. Talk about your outfit and jewellery as well. Different hairdos go with different outfits. For example, if you are wearing a high-neck or collared outfit, neatly tied hair would suit much better than a loose, messy hairdo.

3. Know your face shape

Keep in mind that all hairstyles do not suit all face shapes. You must know the shape of your face before selecting a hairstyle. Like, if your face is square shaped, with a wide jawline and cheekbones, then you must choose a style that covers the sides of your face for a slimmer look. Similarly, attention can be drawn away from a pointy chin by styling the hair in waves all over. This will create the illusion of volume in proportion to the chin.

4. Know your hair texture

Different styles go with different hair textures. Smooth and silky straight hair would look great if cut in layers and let loose, and wavy hair can be styled in a loose fish braid. If your hair is very frizzy and unmanageable, you can always choose to tie them tight and use a hairspray so that they stay put.

5. Plan for haircuts

If you want to get your hair cut, don’t do it right before the wedding, because it doesn’t get time to settle in properly. Give it at least a couple of weeks. However, discuss with your stylist before getting anything done.

6. Time your hair wash

Do not wash your hair right on the day of the wedding. Sometimes the hair tends to fall limp or get too frizzy, thus spoiling all your hairstyle plans. Wash it the day before the wedding and blow dry it, so it is ready for styling the next day.

7. Cover your flaws

Did you know that your hair can cover up most of your flaws? It is true! If you think you have wide ears, avoid a tight ponytail or buns; instead, you can let your hair loose on the shoulders. If your forehead is broad, you can go for a hairdo that covers the forehead. You can also create the illusion of a longer neck by tying your hair up tightly.

8. Decide the hair colour

If you plan to get your hair coloured or get streaks, do it at least three to four months before the wedding so that it settles well and streaks blend perfectly with your natural hair colour. Colouring your hair well in advance will also give you the chance to cover up in case something goes wrong.

9. Choose the hair accessories

Many hairstyles look great with a jewelled headband or hair clips. Choose these accessories much before the wedding, so you can experiment with different styles to match. In case you are planning to wear a paasa or a maang tikka, communicate this to your hairstylist so she can plan a hairdo accordingly.

10. Avoid drastic makeovers

Avoid any drastic makeovers on your wedding day. For example, permanent curls, permanent straightening, dramatic streaks like reds or purples, can completely spoil the look if they go wrong. Experiment if you have to at least two to three months before the wedding so that you don’t have to do any last minute damage control.

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