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Top 10 Interesting Facts About Barack Obama

How well do you know the president of the United Sates? Check out these top 10 facts about Barack Obama, which include fascinating details about his personal life, career, education, and interests. As you read along, you will discover certain aspects in Obama’s life that helped him become the kind of person he is now.


Barack Obama has a unique personal background, which makes him one of the most interesting presidents in the U.S history. For instance, his mother was a Caucasian woman who was originally from Kansas, while his father was an African from Kenya. His father barely knew and saw Barack ever since the divorce. Moreover, Obama spent most of his childhood years in Indonesia before he lived in Hawaii with his grandparents.

As Obama reflected on his personal life during his stay in Honolulu, he recalled the enigma and outstanding charm that Hawaii offered him. The mixture of cultures and peaceful ambience of the state helped shape the kind of person he is now. Obama also remembered his struggles with drug abuse during his teenage years in Hawaii, and how he questioned himself quite often during that phase in his life. In fact, he became a member of a gang called “Choom Gang”, which was made up of his friends who smoked marijuana occasionally.


Time Magazine proclaimed Obama as the “Person of the Year“, in its December 2008 issue. The reason behind such recognition was Obama’s successful candidacy and triumph during the presidential elections. The same award was given to him in 2012.


The Nobel Committee in Norway gave Obama a Nobel Peace Prize for his remarkable efforts that helped strengthen the cooperation between nations and international diplomacy. Obama flew to Oslo, Norway to accept this recognition, in 2009. However, this award sparked controversies and praises from renowned media figures and world leaders. Obama was the third president to become a distinguished Nobel Laureate and fourth president to receive a Nobel Prize while in office.


During his spare times, the lanky and athletic Obama tries to relive his lifelong passion for basketball by engaging in regular games at the FBI gym. The president also devotes time for various sports events and school functions for Malia and Sasha, his two daughters. Obama also allots time for a romantic date night with Michelle, his wife.


Money, a renowned print publication, estimated the net worth of the Obama family at over $1 million, in December 2007. Based on their tax return in 2009, the household income was $5.5 million, which was a massive increase from $1.6 million way back in 2005. The great spike in income was due to the large sales of his self-written books. In 2010, Obama gave 14 percent of his total income to Fisher House Foundation, among several other non-profit groups in the country.


Obama attended the Harvard Law School, in 1988. Then, he was chosen as the editor of the prestigious Harvard Law Review, and further became the journal’s president during his second year in law school. He spent his summers at Chicago, where he obtained an employment as a law associate in firms including Hopkins & Stutter and Sidley Austin.


In January 2005, Obama was proclaimed as a senator in the United States. Thus, he became known as the only member of the Senate who was a black caucus. Furthermore, the CQ Weekly has regarded him as a loyal democrat, which was based on the analysis of Senate votes. In 2008, he announced to the media that he would soon resign from the Senate prior the beginning of the renowned lame-duck session.


Obama is a famous fan of the Chicago White Sox, and he even threw out his very first pitch at the ALCS 2005 during his time as a senator. The president also delivered his ceremonial pitch at the popular all-star game, here he proudly wore the White Sox team jacket. What’s more, the president is a major fan of the Chicago Bears, although he used to be a major supporter of the Pittsburgh Steelers.


Obama is a baptized Christian, and his views flourished during his adult life. In his book entitled “The Audacity of Hope“, he stated that he was not raised in strictly religious home. In fact, Obama had non-religious parents, whom he assumed as non-practicing Baptists or Methodists. Additionally, Obama considered his father as an atheist because of his lack of faith and belief in God.


Obama’s Favorite Sport Is Basketball

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