Sunday, 15 June 2014

Actress - Chloe Goodman Sizzles In a Skimpy Bikini

Chloe Goodman sizzles in a skimpy bikini

CONSIDERING her last holiday featured the insufferably unpleasant surprise of being shacked up with a former flame as well as two of the mouth pieces from Geordie Shore, it's no wonder Chloe Goodman is ready to let her hair down.

Rather than indulging in a spot of R and R, the lingerie model opted for a fun-filled getaway with her gal pals.

Perhaps upon hearing the TOWIE cast were in residence, Chloe and her two BFFs headed for Marbella, Spain.

But it was bad news for the Essex boys as Ms Goodman only had eyes for her friends.''

Enjoying some alone time to bond, the three ladies showed their playful side as they frolicked in the shallow waves.

Holding hands as they took a sandy stroll down the Spanish coastline, the 20-year-old's blonde bosom buddy was the envy of red-blooded males everywhere.

Chloe showed off her devastating figure in purple halterneck bikini.

The skimpy two-piece showed off her curves and cleavage with maximum impact – it's no wonder the brunette beauty has been such a hit with lads' mags.

After cooling off with a quick dip in the ocean, the sunkissed lasses headed back to their sun loungers to put on a toe-curling public display of affection.

The star of MTV's Ex On The Beach had her perky posterior felt by her fame-hungry mate while they shared a smooch.

See that TV producers? Chloe's willing to get saucy on screen.

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