Sunday, 29 June 2014

Best Airtel Prepaid Plans

When we calling to friends , family member we want more and efficient plans . Many mobile operator are launched best tariff plans . Airtel released best tariff plans for their users . Airtel is the best company in India , Airtel Prepaid Plans touch high and try to save money and provide best profit . Best Airtel Prepaid plans in Rajasthan is listed in below .

Best Airtel Prepaid Plans in Rajasthan 

AmountPeriodTalktime(Main Account)Freebies
Rs. 1000UnlimitedRs. 1100No
Rs. 999UnlimitedRs. 9995 Local A2A SMS for 1 day
Rs. 950UnlimitedRs. 950No
Rs. 850UnlimitedRs. 850No
Rs. 750UnlimitedRs. 750No
Rs. 74510 Days For SMSRs. 66070 Local A2A SMS
Rs. 650UnlimitedRs. 650No
Rs. 550UnlimitedRs. 575No
Rs. 505UnlimitedRs. 446.4570 Local A2A SMS
Rs. 502UnlimitedRs. 40070 Local A2A SMS valid for 7 day
Rs. 450UnlimitedRs. 450No
Rs. 4455 Days For SMSRs. 39360 Local A2A SMS
Rs. 400UnlimitedRs. 400No
Rs. 399UnlimitedRs.3995 Local A2A SMSfor 1 day
Rs. 353UnlimitedRs. 3115 Local A2A SMS for 1 day
Rs. 352UnlimitedRs. 25070 Local A2A SMS valid for 7 day
Rs.305UnlimitedRs. 268.4560 Local A2A SMS
Rs. 29828 DaysRs. 29820 Free Local A2A SMS
Rs. 2655 Days For SMSRs. 232.4560 Local A2A SMS
Rs. 253UnlimitedRs. 222.175 Local A2A SMS for 1 day
Rs. 252UnlimitedRs. 17060 Local A2A SMS valid for 7 day
Rs. 250UnlimitedRs. 250No
Rs. 220UnlimitedRs. 192.80No
Rs. 205UnlimitedRs. 179.4540 Local A2A SMS
Rs. 203UnlimitedRs. 177.675 Local A2A SMS for 1 day
Rs. 200UnlimitedRs. 175No
Rs. 19828 DaysRs. 19820 Local A2A SMS
Rs. 150UnlimitedRs. 130.50No
Rs. 120UnlimitedRs. 103No
Rs. 112UnlimitedRs. 7040 Local A2A SMS valid for 2 day
Rs. 110UnlimitedRs. 94.9No
Rs. 100UnlimitedRs. 86No
Rs. 83UnlimitedRs. 70.875 Local Airtel-Airtel SMS for 1 day
Rs. 80unlimitedRs. 68.20No
Rs. 757 DaysRs. 757 Days, 5 Local A2A SMS for 2 days
Rs. 60UnlimitedRs.50.4No
Rs. 50UnlimitedRs.41.5No
Rs. 40UnlimitedRs.32.6No
Rs. 30UnlimitedRs.23.70No
Rs. 10UnlimitedRs.7.9No

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