Monday, 23 June 2014

Chanelle Hayes Sexy Hot Bikni

IT'S been a month since she flaunted her incredible weightloss on the rooftop of a London hotel, so it was only a matter of time before Chanelle Hayes showed off her bikini body on holiday.

The 26-year-old was more than happy to prove her haters wrong - espeically former Big Brother contestant Sallie Axl.

As she relaxed in the sunshine in Egypt, the mother-of-one made the most of her assets by wearing a sexy zebra print bikini.

The black and white two-piece, which featured a blue lace trim, highlighted Chanelle's slim figure perfectly whilst also showing off plenty of cleavage.

She accessorised her look with a pair of white flip flops and large dark sunglasses as she soaked up the sun on her own.

The reality TV star clearly couldn't make her mind up about whether or not she wanted to get wet and dipped her toe in the water more than once.

As she emerged from the swimming pool, she gave onlookers an eyeful thanks to her skimpy bikini bottoms - but her fellow holiday-goers probably weren't complaining.

But one person who may be eating their words when they see these snaps is Big Brother 2013 star Sallie Axl.

The outspoken mother-of-one has had a lot to say when it comes to Chanelle, her fame and her recent weightloss.

At the end of May, Sallie wrote a scathing commentary on previous Big Brother contestants and at the top of her hitlist was Chanelle.

"So, I'm going to start with our little Posh try-hard pudding of a contestant, Chanelle Hayes," the tattooed star wrote.

"This bunny boiler loves nothing better than getting her boobs out and baking cakes. Yet her fame has stayed with her since starring on BB8.

"She has become more well-known for her over-edited Nuts shoots that don't resemble her at all, to her public relationship breakdowns and make-ups with Jade Goody's husband Jack Tweed."

Sallie continued: "Ms Hayes makes not only me, but a lot of the public feeling she should consider keeping some things behind closed doors.

"She has had some good times though, but wringing out her desperation like a wet towel, now she's gone and lost lots of weight to make an unrealistic dieting video to make her a quick buck."

However, Chanelle hit back at Sallie just a day later and claimed that she was "bitter" and using her to "get noticed".

"Nothing worse than somebody being bitter because they want to be you," she tweeted.

"My mum always said if you've nothing nice to say, say nothing at all."

She continued: "If u need to publicly criticise me to get noticed, please, go right ahead.

"Thank you for thinking of me, you never cross my mind #flattering."

But even Chanelle has enjoyed her fairshare of making comments about fellow reality TV stars via her Twitter page, so perhaps her and Sallie aren't so different after all...

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