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Top 10 Biggest Breasts In the world

Men will always look and check out a woman’s breasts, butt and legs. It’s in a man’s genes, and doing it just comes naturally. Of course, the tricky part is how to do it in a subtle manner so as not to offend the woman.

But sometimes, no matter how respectful or subtle a man can be, there are just instances when a man cannot steer his eyes away from his subject. Extremely large breasts are natural magnets for a man’s eye. Maybe, that is the reason why some women go to the extent of having implants to enhance the size and looks of their breasts.

But when does breast enhancements become too much? Why is it that some women end up overdoing it? Could they have not taken a cue from big-breasted celebrities who have just about the right size? Why did they not follow the examples set forth by actresses like Scarlett Johansson. Pamela Anderson, Raquel Welch, Shannon Elizabeth, Jennifer Connelly or Jessica Simpson? Or maybe, they could have just emulated famous supermodels or reality stars with large breasts, like Kate Upton or Kim Kardashian.

They may have various reasons for doing so, but whether you call them fun bags, knockers, rack, boobs or whatever, here is a list of the top ten largest breast implants in the world.

1. Chelsea Charms

Normal breast enhancements usually involve around 400 to 500 cc of augmentation. Chelsea Charms augmented her breasts by 1,200 cc. It may prove to be counterproductive, as I am not sure if she could actually charm a man with such a large chest.

2. Sheyla Hershey

She used to have 38KKK size breasts after her implants, but doctors had to remove it after she got sick. She was lethargic and she stayed in bed all day, with pains all over her body (not just her breasts). She also developed a persistent fever. Her breast implants did not exactly turn out to be such fun bags.

3. Beshine

She probably has the biggest breasts in all of Europe, and she went through the entire alphabet almost to achieve that distinction. Beshine started out as a B cup, but she now sports an amazing Z. And she loves every moment of it, as she craves for the attention even if it means getting a lot of stares and giggles. She has also become a fitness buff, regularly exercising to improve her back muscles in order for her to carry the heavy stuff up front. The only drawbacks she complains of are the lack of clothes that would fit her body and the inability to sleep on her stomach.

4. BB Gunns

Chances are this is not her real name. She is far from a double B, however, as she actually has a 78HHH size breast.  Then again, having a name like HHH Gunns, or Triple H Gunns, just does not flow as smoothly as BB Gunns.

5. Busty Dusty

Where they get their names, I have no idea. If Busty Dusty is her real name, her parents may have condemned her to a life in the adult film industry right from the start. She measures 54 – 24 – 34, which is already an incredible measurement by any length of the imagination. Apparently, her imagination can leap beyond incredulity, as she has been said to have a 90HHH size breasts. Maybe, it was just the adult film industry’s way of marketing her. I am not sure what viewer or fan she could have gained from a 90HHH breasts that she could not have gotten from a 54.

6. Minka

The biggest-breasted Asian in the world, Minka is actually a South Korean tennis coach. She moved to the United States after winning a doubles tournament in Chicago in 1993. She then tried to obtain a permit to teach the sport, but was not able to secure a tennis teacher’s license because of the language difference. The tennis world’s loss was the adult film industry’s gain, as Minka made a successful shift in career after she sent a portfolio of her pictures to John Graham, a noted glamour photographer and adult film director from the United Kingdom. Her 52KKK cup size probably helped adult film producers decide to give her the break that she needed. She has not forgotten her roots, however, as Minka can still provide tennis lessons to anyone who is interested…in tennis, and not her breasts.

7. Lolo Ferrari

When she was still alive, Lolo Ferrari sported a 58F cup size. It took her a total of 22 enhancement surgeries before she got her preferred size and look. With a name like Ferrari, one can just imagine the sleekness, stability and strength of her breast implants.

8. Maxi Mounds

Maxi Mounds maximized her round mounds to get to the top of the adult film world. Her cup size is 42M, with each breast weighing around 20 pounds. She said it is just like carrying a child between three to four years of age. The only problem is that she cannot put her breasts down.

9. Sabrina Sabrok

Sabrina Sabrok is a celebrity in her own right. She hosts a television show, she is a commercial model and she is also a rock star. She even served once as the opening act to a Marilyn Manson show. She also kept getting breast enhancement surgeries to augment her breasts, thus giving her another claim to fame as one of the top ten largest breasts implants in the world.

10. Keisha Evans

She has a 56 and a half-inch size chest, brought about mainly by 6,000 cc of liquid being crammed into bags fit for only half that amount. Like others in the list, Keisha Evans is also an adult film star. Unlike the others, however, Evans has learned how to specialize. She runs her own adult site that has for its audience anyone who are fans of big breasts.

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