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Miss Pooja Biography & Wallpapers

Real Name: Gurinder Kaur Kainth

Famous By: Miss Pooja

Date Of Birth: 4 Dec, 1979

Place Of Birth: Rajpura, Punjab

Qualification: B.A. Vocal & Instrumental, M.A. Music, B.Ed.

Job Experience: 2 Years as a Music Teacher

Debut Album: 'Jaan Ton Piyari' with Darshan Khela (Jan 2006)

First Popular Song: 'Bhan Chooriyan Pyar Tera Dekhdi Ne'

Ustads: Kesar Nand Kesar & Mahinder Singh Nagina

Her debut album

Jan Ton Piyari. Her album Queen of Duets was also well received. Some her popular songs include, Bhan Chooriyan Pyar Tera Dekhdi Ne, Seeti,Jhona Lona Chad Dena and Teeyan Teej Diyan.

1st Song in Bollywood

"Second Hand Jawaani" with Neha Kakkar & Nakkash Aziz in the Movie Cocktail-2012.


Early years & Career

Starting off as a local singer in Punjab, Miss Pooja gained rural (pendoo) and overseas success with her catchy lyrics that many folks can easily relate to, and high pitched voice. Her biggest hits include: Jhona Launa Chad Dena, Seeti, Ek Tere Karke, Haske Bulavan and Teri Yaad.
With interest in music and dancing from a young age, Miss Pooja started music lessons at the tender age of 5 and was encouraged by her father. As well as having professional tuition, she progressed in her studies by qualifying with a B.A. in Vocal & Instrumental skills, M.A. in Music and B.Ed in Music. As her first music related post, she taught music to young children in Rajpura for two years before embarking on her singing career.

Miss Pooja's first opportunity to sing professionally was in January 2006 with the music director duo Lal-Kamal. When she recorded her first album with the singer Darshan Khlea, called Jaan Ton Pyari. The first song Miss Pooja recorded was Bhann Churiyan Pyar Tera Vekhdi which was very well received, leading her to record her hit ‘Pani Hoge Dhunge Johna Launa Chad Dehna’ from her next album with Shinda Shonki, called Pind Da Shingar. But it was her third album with Preet Brar, called Ik Tere Karke that got her most recognition developing her into a household name in the Punjabi music industry in India and abroad, subsequently. She then went on to record massive dance-floor Bhangra duet hits such as Seeti Marke with Geeta Zaildar and Petrol with Preet Brar.

Miss Pooja has now successfully attained international recognition and has toured the USA, Canada, Australia and the UK amongst many other countries. She has a huge following by fans world-wide. Especially a strong male following, notably attracted to her beauty and her uniqueness as a Punjabi female artist. For women, she represents a strong role model, encouraging them to enter this male dominated industry but makes it clear that entering this arena requires a passion to learn music properly and the determination to succeed.

She is widely regarded as having revived Punjabi Duet songs. During late eighties to early 21st century, the Punjabi duet songs were often given second place by DJ's. However, now (2007) Miss Pooja duets often get played at the top of the party!

She has now (November 2007) become the largest female selling bhangra artist in India and overseas. Partial reason of her success is the rapid increase in the number of songs that she continues to record. Given the number of different male singers that she has been recording with, she may become one of the most partnered singer of all time.

Another notable for Miss Pooja is that she seems to be recording many songs written by famous Punjabi song writer, Mr. Karamjit Puri (Village, Bhagta Bhai Ka, Punjab, India). One or more parts of his name are invariably mentioned in every song (usually, in the last or second last stanza).


Miss Pooja is often compared to another famous female bhangra singer Sudesh Kumari. They are both recognized for their high pitch voice.


Miss Pooja gained some attention in India and overseas because of her physical attractiveness. Miss Pooja is a younger singer and is often referred to as the best looking female singer in Punjab.

The sweet Punjabi kudi next door is what we have seen Miss Pooja as throughout her amazing musical career. From her traditional Punjabi attire, long, silky hair, and understated accessories, Miss Pooja's simplicity has helped get the recognition for her talent that she deserves. Miss Pooja, otherwise known as Gurinder Kaur Kainth, grew up in Rajpura, Punjbai. From a young age she has been singing and dancing and knew that she wanted to pursue music professionally.

Receiving her Masters in Music, Miss Pooja was ready to take on the world. She started her career as a duet singer. Her discography goes on and on as she has now recorded somewhere near 500 songs with 70 unique artists. She has had the opportunity to work with Panjabi By Nature, DJ H and DJ Rags, Lehmber Hussainpuri just to name a few. Despite such a long list of duets and collaborations, Miss Pooja has stayed true to her Punjabi roots. She sings all her songs in Punjabi and her folk music style is a perfect fit for her high yet powerful voice.

Miss Pooja's success started in India and recently she has taken her career to England. Now she is collaborating with Bhangra artists there. Through her career, Miss Pooja has gone from being on songs that are played second on the list to top of the charts and dance floors across the globe.

It seems that 2009 is the year for Miss Pooja as she has been working on her solo album on Moviebox's Label. "Romantic Jatt" has been produced by some of the greatest Urban and Bhangra producers on the scene. Along with her forthcoming album, the sweet Miss Pooja from next door is changing her look to something more fun, young, and hip. Her once straight, long hair and traditional wardrobe have been swapped for fun curls, tight jeans, and funky accessories.

Her distinct voice and fun dance moves have captivated audiences. Miss Pooja has stolen the hearts of many and is an international Bhangra singer who has no plans on slowing down, in fact her career is in full swing and we can expect to see a lot more of this Punjabi beauty in the near future.

College Honours

1. Youth Festival 2000 held at GCG 42 , Chandigarh : First in orchestra competitions. First Individual Prize category.

2. Shropshire Punjab Youth Music Exchange ’99 Concert : Performed in The “East meets West” cultural programme

Boyfriend of Miss Pooja

For your kind information, currently Miss Pooja is not dating someone. Though, it doesn’t mean that she had never been in any relationship. In fact, according to trustworthy information, she had been in serious relationship for at least two times. However, both of those relationships could not work.

As a matter of fact, the registered name of Miss Pooja is Gurinder Kaur Kainth. After completing her Master’s Degree (Music), she started to take classes in Patel Public School. She was teaching music there, and she was among the most popular faces of the school. Even, girls at the school used to envy her popularity. Many teachers and senior students always looked to find ways to contact her. It is said that Miss Pooja had a relationship with a person who was a member of the Governing board of the school. The person was at least 13 years older than her. That man had helped Miss Pooja to crossed the barrier and find a way in the world of professional music. Not much is known in the public domain about this relationship, and hence I am not naming him here.

Gurpreet Singh was the second boyfriend of Miss Pooja. You might remember some hit numbers of Miss Pooja from ‘Romantic Jat’. It was Gurpreet who went out of his ways to help Pooja to make this album a big hit. The shooting for video was done in Canada, and Gurpeet did all the arrangements. However, Miss Pooja could not keep this relationship. It is said that the two decided to call off the relationship because of the geographical distance. Miss Pooja was required to be in India for her professional music career, and Gurpreet was needed in Toronto, Canada for his business.

Currently, Miss Pooja is single. There is quite a high possibility of her getting married in 2014. Her choice will be a Punjabi Jat.

Husband of Miss Pooja

A Punjabi newspaper had published news about the marriage of Miss Pooja. However, as things stand, she is not married. Moreover, there is no evidence of her getting engaged with someone. I don’t know how that concerned newspaper had published such a baseless news item, completely based on hearsay and rumors. But, then question arises about the relationship status of Miss Pooja. If not married, is the gorgeous lady still single or committed with someone? Being a fan, you might also be wondering about it.

Awards and nominations

In 2009 Miss Pooja won Best International Act at the UK Asian Music Awards.

In 2010 she won Best International Album for her album Romantic Jatt.

In 2011 she was nominated for Shri Tanveer Singh Dhami ji International Act and Best International Album (for Panjaban)and ended up winning Best International Act.

In 2011 she won PTC Punjabi Film Award Best Duet Female Film: Punjaban

Miss Pooja Filmography

2013 Ishq Garaari

2013 Best of Luck

2013 Ishq Garaari

2013 Pooja Kiven AA (as actress)

2012 Cocktail (2012 film) Second Hand Jawani (playback singer)

2012 Kabaddi Once Again (playback singer)

2010 Channa Sachi Muchi

2010 Panjaban: Love Rules Hearts

Religious Songs

1. Avtar Bani(2006?) - Miss Pooja & Arvind Kumar. (Nirankari religious songs)
2. Dillon Ke Kalam(2007?) - Miss Pooja (Nirankari religious songs)

February 2008

1. Jagvinder Benning & Miss Pooja - Wangan [Feb 2k8]
2. Kulwinder Bhola & Miss Pooja - Hatt Pichhe [Feb 2k8]

January 2008

1. Chithian - Darshan Khella & Miss Pooja
2. Mehfilan - Veer Davinder & Miss Pooja
3. Nain - Geeta Zaildar & Miss Pooja
4. Sheesha - Gurpreet & Miss Pooja
5. Udeekan Teriyan - Bill Singh & Miss Pooja

December 2007

1. Hero - Bai Amarjit & Miss Pooja
2. Mulakataan - Amar Arshi & Miss Pooja

November 2007

1. Diwali - Karamjeet Kamma & Miss Pooja
2. Gym - Jatinder Gill & Miss Pooja
3. Jeep - Harry Mirza & Miss Pooja
4. Jhona Vech Ke - Navdeep Sandu & Miss Pooja
5. Mubarkan - Jagjit Sandhu & Miss Pooja
6. Sohna Mukhda - Harry Sandhu & Miss Pooja

October 2007

1. Haan Karde - Sandeep Akhtar & Miss Pooja
2. Love Story - Pardeep Sangla & Miss Pooja
3. Motor - Manmohan Sidhu & Miss Pooja

September 2007

1. Collage - Happy Bajwa & Miss Pooja (These are real spellings of College on the CD!)
2. Dugg Dugg - Gurpreet Somal & Miss Pooja (Name refers to the thumping exhaust sound of Enfield Motorcycle!)
3. Mojan - Veer Davinder & Miss Pooja
4. Petrol 2 - Preet Brar & Miss Pooja
5. Safari - Kuldeep Rasila & Miss Pooja
6. Saun Da Mahina - Gary & Miss Pooja
7. Shonk - Karamjit Anmol & Miss Pooja

August 2007

1. Lottery - Guddu Gill & Miss Pooja
2. Ziddi (August 2007) - Manjit Mavi & Miss Pooja

July 2007

1. 12 Chooryian - Miss Pooja
2. Pehla Pehla Pyar - Hardev Mahinangal & Miss Pooja
3. Shikaar - Harpreet Gill & Miss Pooja

June 2007

1. Jhona 2 - Shinda Shonki & Miss Pooja
2. Lahoo Punjab Da - Narinder Nindi & Miss Pooja
3. Nehriyan - Dalwinder Dyalpuri & Miss Pooja

May 2007

1. Baazi - The Game ... - Bittu Danewalai & Miss Pooja

April 2007

1. Party - Veer Sukhwant & Miss Pooja

March 2007

1. Paper Ya Pyar - Harman Sidhu & Miss Pooja


1. Dehshat (2007) - Kulwinder Brar & Miss Pooja

2. Ek Tere Karke (2006) - Preet Brar & Miss Pooja

3. Gal Banju (2007) - Gursewak Kaler & Miss Pooja

4. Muqaddar (2007) - Guru Gill & Miss Pooja

5. Muchh Jatt Di - Hans Mann & Miss Pooja

6. Nachdi - Diljit & Miss Pooja

7. Nottan Da Meenh - Balvir Chotian & Miss Pooja

8. Pind Da Shingaar (2006) - Chhinda Shonki & Miss Pooja

9. Queen Of Duets - Miss Pooja

10. Salah Karke (2007?) - Samsher Kahlon & Miss Pooja

11. Shartan (2006) - Geeta Zaildar, Laddi Gill & Miss Pooja

12. Teri Jaan Banke - Darshan Khella & Miss Pooja

13. Teri Meri Ishq Kahani (A Love Story) (2007) - Ranjit Sivia & Miss Pooja

14. Yaar Da Viah (2007?) - Miss Pooja & Others

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