Sunday, 14 September 2014

Amazing Camera Installment of Wafaa Bilal behind his Head

What is this...? This is the camera professor Wafaa Bilal embed his head by doing a surgery. Do you know how this camera embeds to his head? He did a small surgery behind the skin of his head and a put a Titanium plate. Now the camera is connecting to Titanium plate by magnetic power. 

Why he does not install this camera by using a belt? Actually this is a project called 3rdi (third eye). The goal of this project is to take the sights behind Wafaa Bilal one per minute for one year duration. And Wafaa Bilal sends these photos to the “Modern Art Museum” of Qatar for an exhibition. This is a water proof Camera and Prof.Wafaa expect to take picture even in the bath. 

Prof.Wafaa said that he want to take his picture without ant ones force (even him).

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