Friday, 20 June 2014

Splitsvilla 7 Sunny Leone is the best choice for the show

Splitsvilla 7: Reasons why sexy Sunny Leone is the best choice for the show

New Delhi: Sunny Leone’s magical sensuality seems to be carving a splendid entry for her in the popular dating reality show, Splitsvilla 7.

While the first episode showed Sunny in her super energetic ‘baby doll’ avatar, she also gave a tight glimpse of her famous curves in a tiny bikini along pool side.

The show which is catering to the theme of ‘fairy tale romance’ this season in the beautiful locales of Jaipur, Sunny is sure to continue with her enchanted spill with every week passing by.

Needless to mention that Sunny has replaced earlier host Sherlyn Chopra this season on Splitsvilla 7, the show itself is cashing high on her association.

After Sunny’s debut in controversial reality show, Bigg Boss, this is her second appearance on TV with Splitsvilla 7. And here, we tell you why Sunny’s persona is more than apt for a show like Splitsvilla. Take a look!

1.    Babydoll factor

While no one can admit openly, but Sunny definitely enjoys a great fan following and has successfully built a niche audience for herself in the Indian market. All thanks to her on screen stints ranging from Bigg Boss 5, Jism 2 to the recent Ragini MMS 2, her ardent fans surely keep craving to see more from her side. And roasting such a scoop of grandeur is going to add many positive eye balls for the show.

2.    It’s about wooing men

You must have so far been aware about the format of the show this season. Splitsvilla 7 is all about impressing 7 male contestants on the show. And while the female participants are sure to put their heart and soul to do the needful, who else than Sunny help them to know a few tactics about how to woo a man, yeah (wink) ?

3.    Something better for Nikhil Chinapa 

All of you there who are following Splitsvilla for a while now, Nikhil Chinapa is absolutely playing a great host. But even this talented man needs a stunning partner for that beautiful visual aside him. And while the previous season saw Sherlyn Chopra making a fine pair with our very own Nikhil. This time, he definitely deserved a notch ahead and therefore Miss Leone seems to be a perfect partner for him.

4.    Sassy she is!

As glamorous and on-the-face as Sunny is, she aptly justifies the bold format of the show. Though her Hindi speaking qualities can play a slight hindrance but her overall solid outspoken persona speaks volume for her courageous charm and powerful stance. After all it’s not easy for an adult film star to make a place on her own in such a hard-hitting Bollywood industry.

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