Sunday, 29 June 2014

How to Edit Name Number in Truecaller

True Caller is a Global Phone Directory apps for all of smartphones based on differ OS like Android , iOS , Windows, blackberry etc.. it’s developed by the Scandinavia AB . By Installing True Caller you can easily search numbers and names for all incoming and Outgoing calls. here in this article we all talking and focus on the major part of True Caller that How to Edit Phone Number | Name In True Caller. but first I give you a little bit information about the True caller how it works and what features it have.

True Caller Features | How it Works

In True Caller Features You can easily grab who is calling you and that name information in just a second. And it is also a spam blocker so it blocked all the unwanted calls from all numbers which reported as spams and Also working in your Social Sync easily Add your Picture and Contact information for All of Your Social networks sites like Facebook , link din , twitter etc..for Pictures , birthdays , status Update and many more gossips.

Many of my friends ask me for this question many times for How true caller Works . Today I explain you the process of it’s working. Basically when anyone install this app on it’s smartphone it scan and sync , store all it’s contact list in it’s database library by this term it covers almost all data. Now when someone calls you it search for that number in it’s database and fetch information and display on your screen.

it shows random name that someone add you by which name until you can’t edit your personal information to the True Caller Admin here we giving you the Process of How to edit , delete and add numbers and name in true Caller below check it out.

How to Edit Name  Number in True Caller

For Edit your True Caller Contact information like Name | Number which is not stored by you perhaps stored on someone phone you can easily change it your details by simply fill a form on True caller website. I provide you the direct link and process to change your details in True Caller .

All of you need to go with this given link to Change or edit your Name in True Caller Click here for Name Suggestion form . In form you fill required details your Phone number including your country code and Correct first | last name and then verify it by the enter given words in window and submit it will be review manually by admin shortly. by these steps you can easily edit contact information in True Caller.

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